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Pat Bennegan TestimonialPat Beggan - GanjapreneurI write about cannabis science, policy and business for the cannabis publication Ganjapreneur. I see a lot of cannabis-related developments come across my desk, from science to government policy. I’m the primary person responsible for interpreting new scientific studies on the effects of compounds from the cannabis plant here at Ganjapreneur. Under that role I’ve seen an explosion in about the amount of research on the effects of CBD for a variety of conditions. CBD may be the most important cannabinoid for the medicinal effects of cannabis on humans for many conditions.

But humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from CBD. All mammals possess the body system that allows cannabinoids, the compounds generated by the cannabis plant, to have medicinal effects. Your furry friends can also see great benefit from cannabinoids. In fact, non-human mammals are even more sensitive than humans to the effects of cannabinoids.

And that means they’re even more sensitive to THC as well as CBD and other cannabinoids. The problem is that THC is the most mind-altering compound in cannabis. While for humans there is much research on the exact effects and medicinal usages of THC, there isn’t quite as much research into its effects on our pets. What is clear, however, is that cannabinoids have much stronger effects on our pets than on us. That means that THC is much more risky for your animal friends than for you.

While it can be beneficial to use THC for medicine on a human, who can clearly consent to at least some mind-altering effect, a pet cannot give that same consent. There’s also the risk that comes with a pet getting into an entire bag of treats, as they sometimes do. If those treats contained THC, it’s possible that your pet might experience seizures, vomiting or anxiety due to an excessive dose of that cannabinoid.

CBD however has no known lethal dose. It’s safe at nearly any dosage. Also, since CBD is not mind-altering or psychoactive, you don’t have to worry about your pet being uncomfortably “high” on CBD. CBD is therapeutic only.

CBD has many beneficial effects. While it’s primary scientifically-confirmed effects are anti-inflammatory, it has many other benefits. It can have a broad spectrum of effects, including relief of joint pain, anxiety and seizures. Our pets can suffer from these ailments just like we can, but it’s much harder to find affordable treatments for them. That’s exactly where CBD comes in. Whether your pet suffers from epilepsy, anxiety or just joint pain due to old age, CBD can treat all of it.

Rover’s Relief makes some of the best CBD treats I’ve seen. The best part of Rover’s Relief is their special no-THC formulation. While there are many manufacturers of CBD treats on the market, especially since the legalization of industrial hemp at the end of 2018, I have yet to see another pet CBD manufacturer that takes the care and expense to remove all THC from their treats.

Rover’s Relief sent a few bags of treats to the Ganjapreneur offices for us to evaluate. Our office dog as well as all of my co-workers’ home pets loved the treats, probably due at first to the high quality ingredients and flavor beyond the medicinal power of CBD.

But we also observed clear effects from the CBD. Our office dog is normally quite anxious and struggles to adapt to office visitors. After a handful of treats, however, she was napping in the corner even when the postal worker came by. Another of my coworkers’ dogs is in his teens and suffers from arthritis. After Rover’s Relief, he was able to handle the stairs in his home in half the time.

I can’t help but recommend these treats to any responsible pet owner. Not only do our pets here at Ganjapreneur seem to love the taste of the treats, Rover’s Relief also clearly cares about our animals enough to go the extra mile by removing all THC -- and they have the test results to prove it.

If your animals suffer from seizures, joint pain, digestive issues or just need help relaxing, Rover’s Relief THC-free pet treats are just the solution you need.

Pat Beggan
Staff Writer