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"Rover’s Pets products are Non-GMO Certified and Kosher, too! Rover’s Pet products are 100% THC Free and their hemp is certified organically grown and CO2 extracted using cutting edge technology. The company uses third-party testing facilities on all oil and posts final lab results on their website. Transparency is their top priority."
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"While I’ve been seeing plenty of dog options for the last few years, this year brings more cat options to the forefront: Rover’s Pet, which offers a whole line of “Rover’s Relief” CBD-infused products for dogs, has added a CBD oil for cats that claims to help with anxiety, hip and joint pain, seizures and cancer symptoms."
Cat trends at SuperZoo: A microcosm of dog food trends
Pet Food Industry - September 11, 2019
Animal Wellness Approved
RaChelle Lobre
CEO and Innovator Behind Rover's Pet, 415-819-9627
Creative mind behind Rover's Pet, RaChelle is a on a mission to provide pet parents with transparency when it comes to CBD and pets. She believes that safest CBD for dogs and cats contains zero THC.
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"Rover’s Relief makes some of the best CBD treats I’ve seen. The best part of Rover’s Relief is their special no-THC formulation. While there are many manufacturers of CBD treats on the market, especially since the legalization of industrial hemp at the end of 2018, I have yet to see another pet CBD manufacturer that takes the care and expense to remove allTHC from their treats. If your animals suffer from seizures, joint pain, digestive issues or just need help relaxing, Rover’s Relief THC-free pet treats are just the solution you need. "
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"Gucci is a purebred German Shepherd just shy of 2 years old. Just yesterday he had an allergic reaction and got hives all over his muzzle and paws, he weighs about 90 lbs, so I gave him 8 of the Rover's Relief (which he couldn't eat fast enough!), and about 20 minutes later the hives on his muzzle were significantly smaller, and he wasn't bothered by the ones on his paws at all! Within a half hour, he was enjoying a nap, and when he woke up his hives were gone, and he wasn't itchy at all! I've tried other CBD products when he has gotten gives in the past, and although they made him sleepy, that would only temporarily soothe his inflammation... words cannot express what it feels like when you can truly help and heal your baby, and I owe that all to Rover's Relief! "
Carla, Manager @ Living Pawsitively
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